News - Di Cope art Croome, National Trust Estate, Soul to Sole Exhibition.

My commission in 2015 by the National Trust at Croome is a pair of shoes for Queen Charlotte who visited there in 1788 with King George III. The history of the Estate owned by the Earls of Coventry is being told through the Shoes we artists have created within the parameters of our research.
They were viewed in the Basement in the Shoe rack. no. 11. I chose paper as an ephemeral link to the Monarchy. a copper ring Buckle - her conductive power to create as a Queen and solve social need. Queen Charlotte hospital and Kew
gardens were directly attributed to her creativity. A great watercolorist and mother of fifteen, The cork heel with diamonds circling it, suggested she had a champagne lifestyle but was welded to a treadmill of duty.
I discovered that the Urn commemorating their visit had been made by Alexander Pope and may have been sent by King George iii after their visit in 1788, it was incompatible with Capability's design for the Croom landscape.
the shoe was well handled and during the course of two years - fell apart, that is how art and memories reconfigure in time.
The Artrium Studio at Hillside Little Witley is used regularly by artists and crafters. It is a fabulous creative space. Please
contact me on 07850428237 if intending to join in, or through Cane Furniture Studio in Kingswinford, W. Midlands DY6 7BH,

Buiding a Glass Artrium at Hillside


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Doodles from Nature Exhibition Sept 11 - Oct. 2 2010. WAW


old news was - Contemporary Art from Nature's signatures, Trees in the sand inspired Di Cope to create spiked Landscape and other new work.

Soul to Sole Exhibition of Shoes from Croome's History Redefined.


Contemporary Art in the form of Shoes, seen in Basement at Croome. Shoes for Queen Charlotte's visit in 1788.